About Us

About Us

Angy Care Limited is a recognised Healthcare Agency that prides itself as one of the leaders in providing efficient and ethical healthcare delivery services in the United Kingdom.

We are able to provide staff in London, Kent, South East England, Doncaster, Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire, Manchester and Birmingham.

We have clients all over the country, and look forward to expanding our services further, as well as continuing our successful recruitment process.

We pride ourselves on providing the best care possible, and providing employment and training opportunities for people all over the country.

We are able to provide staff for short term contracts, emergency cover shifts, long term contracts and permanent recruitment. Our aim is to exceed our clients expectation through a customer focused and professional response to any request. We guarantee a full roster of staff that we can transport to you at no extra charge, which are capable and fully trained at the cheapest possible rates.

Angy Care is a BAME owned business, with a BAME majority staff, and we are proud of championing diversity. We engage with local organisations, such as universities and support organisations for those who are facing challenges entering the workplace, local councils, chambers of commerce, as well as BAME led organisations within the community, to ensure that opportunities are available to as many people as possible, including BAME applicants, applicants who may be new to the job market and applicants from lower socio economic backgrounds.

We also offer NVQ training and mandatory care training to local candidates in areas we supply.

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